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More ideas than time.

Over the years I’ve picked up quite a few domains, most of which I will likely never use or make any money from. Domain buying is definitely an impulse decision, and apparently I’ve given into the impulse enough times that I’ve built up quite a stable of decent ones. Notice I say decent; none of these are home-run four letter domains that I could sell based on name alone, but with the right execution I believe that many of them could prove to be worthwhile business ventures. So, instead of sitting on them and effectively letting their potential rot away, I figured I’d share them with the world and maybe inspire you to do something about it.

Usually you get the itch to buy a domain when you’ve come up with a “kick-ass” name to pair with some “amazing” idea for a startup you’ve just had, in the hopes that one day in the future you’ll actually come back to the project to address it seriously. Let me tell you, 9.9 times out of 10 that never happens – I know from firsthand experience. So here’s what I’m gonna do: below is a list of what I consider to be some of the better domains I own and the accompanying ideas behind them, and I’m challenging you to do something with them. Sure, you could always take an idea and implement it elsewhere under a different name, but ideas are generally worthless and I have enough on my plate to not worry about you stealing one from me. What I would prefer to do is either sell you the domain at a reasonable price, or better yet, take a very small stake in the business you create with it in exchange for rights to the name along with any additional advisory support I can provide.  I’d also love to hear your feedback and ideas in the comments below. That being said, here’s a few…..

  • – similar to the model of Groupon or LivingSocial, 3PMDeals is a daily email you get alerting you to exclusive dinner deals being offered by restaurants in your area. Two reasons why I think this is a good idea: 3pm is the magic time of day that people start getting hungry, and begin thinking about their plans for dinner. Impulse buy. The short time frame before dinner creates scarcity and a sense of urgency – since there is a finite amount of deals to be offered ( tonight only), subscribers won’t have much time to debate whether to buy or not. “Honey, our favorite thai place is offering 2 for 1 tonight! Let’s go!”
  • FinishDown.comthis would be a niche site targeted at the entrepreneur/internet startup world. There’s a million different articles and websites out there offering advice on how to succeed in the startup world, but it’s very fragmented. If “starting up” is the starting line, then “finishdown” is the finish line, and this website would be dedicated to curating the best articles, videos, and opportunities which help entrepreneurs succeed. By category, users would rank the usefulness of the information included (how helpful is the article/link/video), eventually creating an authoritative list of the most helpful online resources for startup entrepreneurs. You could even take it a level deeper with user profiles, giving users with successful startup exits or positions more influence than noobs. Make money by advertising or job listings.
  • – a marketplace for any bar or nightclub to sell front of the line access for any event. Fairly straightforward – club owner/manager creates a venue page with a calendar of events, and either sets the price in advance or updates it the day of in response to increased demand. Limited number of spots and limitations based on time of arrival. Buyers get unique code to print out (or use a smart phone) and show at the door. Monetized through a revenue share with the venue owner (25% of every transaction goes to the website).
  • StartupSoftwear.comisn’t it obvious? Clothing geared towards the internet/geek culture. T-shirts with well known sayings on them, hoodies with built in pockets for gadgets, etc. I’m totally down to try this one and have lots of ideas for shirts.
  • – using the Google maps API, display all of the walk-in bill payment locations around the world. In the United States alone there are close to 30 million unbanked individuals who need to use cash to make their monthly bill payments, and LocalBillPay would help find the closest nearby location to do so. Fairly simple website – the interface is just a large map with pinpoints on it, based on where you told us you live. Hard to monetize – maybe through selling featured listings or affiliate offers from credit card companies, etc.
  • – a celebrity/musician fan club website with a twist; members get exclusive access to tickets, deals, signings, events etc, but membership requires that you actively promote the celebrity through your social media accounts a minimum of x amounts of time per month. Membership is revoked if you don’t meet your weekly or monthly sharing requirements. This would be targeted perfectly at the teen market – think Bieber, Miley Cyrus etc, and sharing would be fairly easy to track with unique URL’s etc.
  • – passionate about smoking weed? This site is for you. Basically, it’s everything marijuana related wrapped up into a slick user interface with lots of social features for sharing and connecting with potheads in your area. Sure, there are other sites out there that are similar, but the market is huge and always will be, and as more states begin to legalize it and marijuana becomes mainstream, your audience will be a key demographic many advertisers will want to tap into. The name is even well positioned to have an iconic female cartoon character as the brand representative.
  • – No guarantee on the long term viability of this one, but the question and answer service Quora is on fire right now, and many early adopters are complaining about the influx of new users bringing down the quality of the community. FAQuora would essentially be like Quora “lite” – using their API, it would follow a newsfeed format of the current trending questions on Quora, and be read-only (no editing or answering). No need to follow a bunch of people or topics – simply visit the site, lurk for awhile and read. No real way to monetize, but I like the domain name.  = )
  • – a directory for the multifamily industry – every company, property, employee, social media account etc. Tons of data – might be best executed wiki-style, but getting people to contribute would be tough. Might be nice to find a good data source to pre-populate most of the data. Monetize with ads, job listings, premium company pages – like Crunchbase for Multifamily.
  • Skedjool.coman online scheduling tool. I haven’t put a ton of thought into this one, but it would be nice to target specific verticals that are appointment-heavy, like salons, spas, etc.
  • – a site which aggregates all of the conversations and wedding photos that are shared via Twitter? Wedding related deals from vendors? Who knows? Decent name though.
  • WhereImNot.coma location-based app a la Foursquare, but instead of “checking in” to a real world location, you share random-generated, hilarious tidbits of what you’re NOT doing with your friends. The “anti-check-in”. When you open the app, you’re greeted with an ever-changing list of options for what you can not check in to, with options to auto-fill your friends names for extra effect – “James is most definitely not waiting in line at the sperm bank to make some going out money for the weekend.” “Aaron is surely not lying in bed next to James’(auto-filled from friend list) sister.” You get the point.
  • Vericred.comthe market for credit and background checks is massive and essentially one big affiliate scam. The most simple use of this domain would be to search engine optimize the crap out of it and drive traffic to it – did you know that on average, for every one hundred affiliate clicks you send to they return around $243 back to you? That’s fuckin’ ridiculous. I have a lot of other ideas around new ways of verifying credit, but they’re more involved than just a frivolous affiliate site – so it might best to keep it simple for now.

These are some of the better domains/ideas I have, but I’ve actually held back a few of the best because I just can’t let go of them yet. I read an article recently that said we’re quickly running out of available domains for use online – I suspect there’s likely millions of URL’s owned by people just like me who had good intentions but never followed through. Are you one of them? Do any of these ideas sound viable to you? Do the domain names spark other ideas that I haven’t mentioned above or previously thought of? Let me know in the comments – and if you’re interested in working together, or discussing a possible sale/transfer of a domain, send me a message or reach out to me on Twitter and let’s discuss.