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Key Personal Online Stats For 2011

One of my personal goals is to be more active online in 2011, so I thought it might be a good idea to benchmark a few of my personal “key performance indicators” going into the year. With no further ado, here we go:

Facebook friends: 255 (I don’t expect this to change much since I’m fairly selective about who I become friends with on Facebook.)

Twitter followers:

@matthendrick: 366

@TurnSocial: 1541

Tumblr followers:

detailsinthefabric: 51

TurningSocial: 114

Quora followers: 71

LinkedIn connections: 148

HN karma: 9

These are my primary channels for communication online; I used to use Foursquare but haven’t in months – I just don’t feel like they’ve given me a good enough reason to pull out the app and check-in anywhere. We’ll see if that changes in 2011.

I can’t say that I have any specific goals in mind for number of followers across different channels, and the purpose of this exercise isn’t to actively TRY to gain more followers. However, I’m very interested in learning why some people I know have far more online connections than I do, when we tend to run in the same circle and know the same people. Am I doing it wrong? Maybe I’m not outgoing enough or don’t properly follow up with people I meet out and about? Whatever the case, I hope to learn a bit more about myself and the people I know by tracking these numbers, and will make an effort to provide an update at least once per month.

Since we’re already discussing it, I’m on Twitter. You should join me.