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Setting Goals: Health and Fitness

My health and fitness goals for 2011 are fairly simple; I aim to lose at least 10 pounds of fat and replace it with 10 lbs of muscle. I currently weigh 188 pounds, at 6’2″ tall. If my estimates are correct, that should bring me somewhere into the range of 10-15% body fat, which is perfectly acceptable for someone of my age and background. Many people who know me might say that I don’t have 10lbs of fat to lose, but they’re wrong – I carry a small amount of fat around my abdomen and stomach, and I expect that’s where most of it would disappear from.

I plan to accomplish this through a moderate combination of diet and exercise. I don’t plan on going on any extreme diets or killing myself in the gym, although I will probably take a stab at the slow-carb diet described in The 4 Hour Body. One of the biggest changes I plan to make is limiting my alcohol intake to red wine. This is probably going to be the hardest habit to tackle, since I have been known to enjoy a few pints of Blue Moon in the pub with my friends, but so be it – if I’m serious about making changes, I have to start somewhere. Since I don’t currently have a membership to a gym, I’ll have to rely on the fitness facilities in our office building, as well as running and biking outdoors. I hope by mid-year that I can afford to once again join the ClubSport in our neighborhood, but at $120/month that’s just not feasible right now.

Setting pure pass/fail milestones hasn’t worked for me in the past, which is why I’m sticking to the simple goal of converting existing fat to muscle, through a variety of means. At the end of the day, if I can manage to reduce my intake of the food and drinks that add fat, while at the same time increasing my activity level through a variety of exercise, I believe that my goals are attainable without major lifestyle changes.

I’ll post frequent updates to let you know what kind of progress I make!