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Setting Goals: 365 blog posts in 2011.

It could be that my age is finally beginning to get to me. It could be that I’m expecting my first child sometime in the next few weeks. Or, it could be that I’ve finally decided to set concrete goals for the year ahead that I actually intend to meet.

Whatever the case, this is the first in a series of blog posts I’ll be writing which detail my plans for the upcoming year (2011). The first goal I’m setting for myself in 2011 is to write a total of 365 blog posts by the end of the year – one for each day. Since I admin 3 different blogs (here, ChargeSmart, and TurnSocial) I should have plenty to write about, and I won’t be holding myself to an editorial standard – some posts might only be a few sentences, and some will be more in-depth. I’ll be trying to find a good blend of quality mixed with quantity.

So what’s the point of writing 365 blogs posts in 365 days? It’s twofold really. First, my writing style should noticeably improve over the course of the year, which will add to my future potential as a co-founder or employee. Second, generating 365 separate pages of content with my name attached will raise my level of personal exposure across the web, resulting in increased traffic to each respective site, and more followers/fans across the social properties I maintain. This should help as I build my personal brand, resulting in my sphere of influence growing over time.

To keep things interesting I’ll share my progress throughout the year, and benchmark key indicators like Twitter followers, blog traffic, etc.  I’ll need your help! Keep me accountable – Twitter and Facebook are great places to give me a hard time. If you have any ideas or suggestions for blog posts, please send them my way!